Our mission

To make party planning effortless, sustainable, and fun.

About Party On

Party On delivers curated party decor rentals straight to your door. Our mission is to make party planning effortless, sustainable, and fun. We all dislike spending countless hours, going store to store  to  find matching single-use, disposable decorations. Instead we do the hard work for you by curating the party experience through themed, sustainable decorations and decor. Each theme is a perfect combination of high-quality decorations and beautiful handmade elements. Think Rent the Runway for party decor. 

We create a unique party experience for any occasion while cutting out waste that comes from single-use plastics. We work closely with individual crafts-people as well as other vendors who sustainability values align with ours. Our hope is to change people’s views on sustainability and that it does not mean you have to sacrifice anything to have a good time…other than maybe balloons. 

Our Values

Live sustainably

We pride ourselves in selecting the highest quality, eco-friendly products so that you can feel good about your party decorations.

Effortless fun

Our pricing is affordable and our delivery and return process is simple. We make it easy for anyone to host a party of their dreams.

Connect with loved ones

Focus on hosting safe parties for loved ones without getting overwhelmed. Let us worry about the creative aspect of party decorating.

Our environmental

Events can be very wasteful. Supplying your party with reusable decorations cuts down on paper and plastic waste. By renting, these items are enjoyed many times over in their lifetime, instead of sitting in your garage to only be used once a year, if that.

Although we aren’t perfect (yet), we’re setting high goals for ourselves.

By the end of 2023 we will:
⁎ use 100% reusable products  
⁎ have 100% reusable and recyclable packaging

Along with your commitment to sustainable products and business operations, we want to spread the love. That is why 10% of our proceeds go to non-profit environmental and social change organizations. Each month, we choose a different organization to promote and donate to.

who we are


I've had a passion for sustainability since I was a child, which followed me into college, where I studied interior design. Over the past 8 years I've gained experience in sustainable design, interior design, event planning, project management and people management.

As I built my career in Corporate Real Estate, I realized I was not living my dream of using my creative abilities for good. I took my passion for the environment and event planning and started Party On!

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