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When will my order arrive?
Your delivery date will be confirmed during booking. Our standard rental is 3 days. The box will be delivered on the 1st day of your rental and picked up on the 3rd day. Deliveries are made between 8am-5pm, Monday-Friday. If the 3rd day is a Sunday, we will pick up on the Monday. We will coordinate delivery time with you after check out.
What is Party On?
Welcome to Party On! We are an eco-friendly party rental company. We offer party boxes, decoration rentals, luxury picnics, floral design, event styling and event setup.
How do rental delivery and pick up work?
We will deliver your rental right to your door! We will coordinate the delivery and pick up times with you before confirming your reservation. Right now we are doing delivery only in Santa Cruz, Monterey and the Bay Area only. We can deliver to your home or a venue that has secure storage for the decor rentals. We do not deliver to parks or public locations.
How long do I get the my rental for?
A standard Party On rental is 3 days, that’s one day for set up, 1-2 days for partying, and 1 day for pick up. If you would like to extend your rental time, additional daily rental fees may apply, please reach out to info@partyonpartybox.com after check out to request.
How do I return my rental?
We pick up right from you. There is a re-packing instructions and inventory list included. Please pack all items back into the cloth bags they arrived in. All dishes (plates, cups, glasses, flatware, anything that touches food), must be washed, dried, with no remaining food debris. Linens do not need to be washed, just simply placed in the dirty linen bag provided.